Chauffeur Service

Chauffeur Services                                              $15 + $1.50/km per trip

Outside of the GTA                                              Please call for pricing

When leaving on vacation, or preparing for family events and obligations, things get hectic and time seems to simply get away on us. We also know that city dogs love to escape to the country, just like we do!

Our Chauffeur Services were designed to provide a convenience for our customers, while also ensuring that all dogs have access to RoseWood Pet Resorts’s country setting for their vacation while you are away!

A RoseWood staff member picks up your dog at your house and delivers it back to you based on your schedule, nothing could be easier!

GTA Boundries – North- Georgina

                               South – Lakeshore, Toronto

                               East – Whitby

                               West – Hwy 400