Daycare Service

Price: $37/day

For dogs that love to socialize and enjoy the great outdoors, RoseWood Pet Resorts’s Daycare program offers fully fenced play areas in country settings. Running fee, enjoying the fresh country air is not only fun for your dog, it is also healthy for him as well!

While your dog enjoys playing during the day, you will enjoy having a relaxed and tired dog at home in the evening!

All dogs are assessed for sociability prior to being admitted to the Daycare program, all play yards are full fenced allowing for off-leash fun, for inclement weather we offer an indoor play area, and our professional staff supervisor the dogs at all times.

Daycare & Train

Price: $1,200

Daycare & Training $1,200 for 3 days of Daycare with training per week, for a total of 6 weeks, and includes 3 private lessons for the owner at our Scarborough resort and a Before & After DVD of your dog.

“Yes, we are able to train your dog while it is with us for daycare! With our Daycare & Train package, your dog will enjoy the physical exercise it gets while playing, as well as the mental exercise it receives while training! Not only will your dog come home relaxed from a day out playing, but it will learn valuable life skills that will ensure you enjoy your dog to its fullest. This program is designed to provide your dog with obedience that will create better house manners and more manageable behaviour both inside your home, and when out on walks.