Training & Behavioural Services

Uniquely, RoseWood Pet Resorts is staffed by a Canine Behaviourist and by multiple Certified Canine Trainers. This allows us to offer professional dog training services that are designed to meet your individual needs. Our services include Private Lessons, In-Home Training, Vacation and Training, and Behaviour Consultations.

Here are some of the credentials of our professional canine trainers:

  • Our trainers providing Basic, Intermediate and Advanced training
  • Our Canine Behaviourist is responsible for the assessment and rehabilitation of dogs with severe behavioural problems, who are referred by other trainers, rescue groups and veterinarians
  • Our trainers have international experience, providing training in Canada, the United States, Europe and New Zealand
  • We are experienced in raising and training working dogs, including police, Schutzhund and security canines
  • Our Canine Behaviourist is also the Training Director for the Synergy Working Dog Club

Private Lessons at Scarborough Resort

Private Lessons $450 for 6 lessons, 1 hour per lesson

Private Lessons are provided at the RoseWood Pet Resorts. Private Lessons are the most cost effective training that we have to offer. All lessons are 1-hour in length, and are sold in a package of 6 lessons.

Private Lessons are designed to meet your individual needs, whether you want more obedience control of your dog, more socializing, or better house manners, our training will help you get there!

In-Home Training

In-Home Lessons $850 for 6 lessons, 1 hour per lesson

Yes, our Certified Canine Trainers actually comes to you! What could be more convenient?

In-home training has many advantages. Our trainer is able to see exactly how you live with your dog, ensuring that our training program takes into account your family’s individual needs. In-Home Training classes are booked around your schedule, including days, evening or weekends, making them a flexible option. As the training occurs in your home, it is easy to have full family participation in the training.

We know that families are busier than ever today, we are commitment to providing exclusive services that are convent, allowing you more time to relax, and enjoy your life!

Daycare & Train

Price: $1,200

Daycare & Training $1,200 for 3 days of Daycare with training per week, for a total of 6 weeks, and includes 3 private lessons for the owner at our Scarborough resort and a Before & After DVD of your dog.

“Yes, we are able to train your dog while it is with us for daycare! With our Daycare & Train package, your dog will enjoy the physical exercise it gets while playing, as well as the mental exercise it receives while training! Not only will your dog come home relaxed from a day out playing, but it will learn valuable life skills that will ensure you enjoy your dog to its fullest. This program is designed to provide your dog with obedience that will create better house manners and more manageable behaviour both inside your home, and when out on walks.

Vacation & Train Package

Basic Obedience                       $1,000

Intermediate Obedience         $2,500

Advanced Obedience               $2,500

Behaviour Modification           $3,000

Vacation & Train is exactly what it sounds like. Our Certified Canine Trainers will train your dog while your dog is on vacation with us. RoseWood Resorts offers 3 distinct levels of education for your dog: Intermediate, Advanced Obedience and Behaviour Modification.

Once the training is complete, and you have taken your dog home, our job is to teach you what your dog has learned. We do this by providing you with 3 private lessons. We also provide you with a DVD of everything we have taught your dog, for future reference.

With our Vacation & Train service, your dog will not only enjoy it’s vacation, but it will learn valuable life skills at the same time!

Intermediate Obedience

Our Intermediate Obedience curriculum builds on basic obedience skills, teaching your dog to behave appropriately outside, when on walks, house manners and addresses house breaking and crate training issues as well.

This 4-week program focuses on heeling and good street manners, ensuring you enjoy your walks with your dog! The Intermediate Obedience program is ideal for most family pets, as it extends the obedience to being usable when outside, on walks.

Advanced Obedience

For owners who want to know that their dog’s training is reliable in high traffic areas, such as at the park, then the Advanced Obedience Program is perfect!

This 4-week program teaches focuses on off-leash obedience control.

Behaviour Modification

Our Behaviour Modification programs are individually designed ensuring that they meet needs of dogs beyond normal obedience. This program is geared towards dogs with severe anxiety, aggression issues, or that require medical management of their behaviour via the assistance of medication.

Our Behaviour Modification program is 6 weeks in length, ensuring that we have enough time to correct the behavioural issues required.