Overnight Vacations

While with us, dogs are not just boarding, they are on vacation!

At RoseWood Pet Resort, we care for your dog in a whole new way. First, our canine behavioural background has driven us to run our facility with one thing in mind, the total health of your pet! Our professional team is comprised of canine medical professionals, a Canine Behaviourist, and certified canine trainers. This means that we are experts at caring not only for your pet’s physical health, but we are experts at caring for their emotional well being as well.

During their vacation stay, your dog will enjoy our social environment during the day, and our relaxing atmosphere in the evening. Social interaction is always monitored by our professional staff, and dogs that like to spend their time quietly, and alone, are provided with alone time as well. Rough play that makes other dogs uncomfortable is redirected to more appropriate activities. Our goal is to make sure every dog enjoys their time with us.

Our relaxing atmosphere is created by ensuring that every dog has plenty of time to play outside, enjoying the fresh county air, socializing or relaxing as they please. This outdoor activity means that your dog will be tired and relaxed at bedtime, allowing for a quiet evening, with your dog enjoying the classical music that is played, rejuvenating for the next day’s activities!

Resort Vacation (overnight boarding)

Dogs $55 per night

Multiple dogs receive a 10% discount

Our resort vacation is our standard type of stay. While with us, dogs spend their vacation days socializing with each other and enjoying the fresh country air. At night, dogs enjoy their own space, allowing them to relax and get ready for a full day of play time tomorrow. Classical music is playing in the resort at all times, helping to create that relaxing feeling!

When outside, dogs are supervised by our professional staff. While dogs are encouraged to play and socialize, our staff keep a watchful eye to ensure that all dogs are enjoying themselves, and limit any rough play.

Long-Term Vacations

Pricing is discounted based on the length of stay, so please ask for a quote

RoseWood Resort specializes in providing long-term care for your pet.

Whether you are moving to a new home, caring for a loved one or under renovations, there are times when you need long-term care for your pet. We classify long-term care as any vacation stay that extends beyond 14 days.

Being away from home for extended periods of time can be stressful on us, and our pets too. Because of this, all pets staying with us for long-term stays receive extra attention. During quiet times we will have your pet out with us in the office, or taken on extra walks, they may also spend time in our home, providing them with individual attention from us, ensuring that your pet is comfortable and enjoys their time with us.

Private Retreat

Private Retreat $70 per night

While many dogs enjoy social play with each other, we know that there are some dogs that find it difficult integrating into a social environment, such as more introverted dogs, toy breeds, dogs with less than perfect social skills, older loved ones.

Our Private Retreat allows us to provide vacation stays for dogs that do not do well in group environments with other dogs, for any reason. Dogs enjoying a Private Retreat with us are given individual outdoor time and social time with our staff, without other dogs being present.