Forever Home Program

We understand that there are times in our lives when our good intentions are interfered with by the realities of life. During these times, our ability to care for our pet may be impacted.

RoseWood Pet Resorts supports our community by offering our Forever Home program. RoseWood will accept owner surrendered dogs that are temperamentally stable into our program to find them their Forever Home!

All dogs are temperament tested, and assessed for adoption suitability. They are then placed into our Vacation and Train program, where they learn how to behave in a house, are housebroken, receive obedience training to an intermediate level and are socialized. Once they have graduated from their program, they are ready for their Forever Home.

For clients looking to purchase a puppy or adult dog, there are many benefits of purchasing a puppy or dog through our Forever Home Program:

Temperament Tested for Adoption Suitability

All puppies and dogs are temperament tested prior to being accepted into RoseWood’s Forever Home Program by Penny Buckner, RN, Canine Behaviourist. Penny has over 20 years experience as a Canine Behaviourist, and Canine Trainer Certifying Examiner. She is an expert regarding canine behaviour, assessing temperaments for dogs with behavioural programs, including for veterinarians, dogs shelters and rescue organizations throughout the GTA.

Housebroken and Crate Trained

All puppies are crate trained and housebroken, appropriate for their age. This saves you endless sleepless nights, and groggy mornings!

Obedience Training

All dogs graduate from RoseWood’s 4-week Intermediate Level training program. Training focuses on developing behaviours that help the dog be a good family pet. All dogs are socialized, learn how to behave properly in the house, and receive obedience training that includes heeling on the street. Upon purchase, the owner receives 3 private dog training lessons at our facility, ensuring that the owner understands the training their new dog has received.

Financial Savings

There are many financial savings when purchasing a puppy through RoseWood’s Forever Home Program.

Veterinary Costs – All puppies have completed their first year vaccinations and vet checks, which can add up to substantial costs, with 3 to 4 veterinary visits for young puppies being normal in the first year. All adult dogs are up to date on vaccinations as well.

Training Costs – All puppies and dogs graduate from RoseWoods’ 4-week Vacation and Train obedience training program, which includes 3 private lessons for the owner upon purchase of the puppy or dog. The retail cost of this training program is $2,000, which RoseWood happily provides for free to every puppy and dog entering into our Forever Home Program.

For owner’s purchasing a dog through RoseWood’s Forever Home program, rather than purchasing from a breeder, the average saving, between veterinary care and training costs, is $1,200.

Good Karma

While owners that purchase puppies and dog’s through RoseWood’s Forever Home program enjoy financial savings, this is not the most important reason for them to open their homes to one of our dogs. Knowing that they helped save a life is the main reason owners open their homes and their lives to our dogs!


“We adopted our puppy Sophie through RoseWood Pet Resorts’s “Forever Home Program” and I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the experience has been. The minute I walked through the door to meet Sophie, I was treated like a member of their family. The staff were so accommodating, they allowed us to meet with Sophie on a number of different occasions to ensure that Sophie would be a great addition to our family. I knew right away that Sophie was the one!

As new puppy owners we were a bit intimidated, but the staff was able to show and teach us what we needed to do with Sophie as we welcomed her into our home. The transition was amazing…Sophie’s obedience training through the “Forever Home Program”, allowed the transition to be seamless. Today Sophie’s behaviour, demeanour and personality has filled our house with Joy!!

Thank-goodness for the “forever home program and the solid training that they provided, before we took Sophie home.

Thank-you to Sandy and all the staff for their amazing support through this process. Sophie thanks you too!”

Katherine and Sophie


“We adopted Storm through Rosewood Pet Resorts’s Forever Home Program. We could not be happier with how well the adoption process went. Rosewood required us to take 3 lessons with one of their trainers, Hannah, that allowed for a very easy transition, and gave us the confidence required to take on an incredibly intelligent and high energy dog.

Rosewood does not re-home dogs often as their main focus is on dog training and obedience as well as being the perfect pet resort for your dog while you are away on vacation. That being said the professional attitude of the staff at Rosewood clearly transfers to all lines of work and it is clear to us that they not only love what they do, but have the knowledge and understanding to do whatever is needed.

We believe Storm is incredibly happy and we could not have asked for a better dog. She is the perfect family addition and even though we have only had her for a couple months it is hard to remember a time when she wasn’t around. Thank you Rosewood for not only giving us the chance to give her a “furever” home, but for giving her the training required to make her an exceptional family dog.

Thank you to Rosewood and to Hannah!”

Alexandra, Randal & Storm