Our Staff

RoseWood Pet Resorts is committed to providing the best possible care for your pets, and this starts with ensuring that we have the most knowledgable and experienced staff that the industry has to offer. Here are the people caring for your pets!

Penny Buckner, RN, Canine Behaviourist


Penny Buckner is a Registered Nurse and Canine Behaviourist.

Penny has been training dogs professionally for over 20 years. Penny started her career working with both family pet dogs, and working canines.

As a Canine Behaviourist, Penny assesses and manages dogs with severe behavioural issues, including anxiety, phobias and aggression. Penny has successfully competed with her dogs, earning titles in herding, CKC obedience and Schutzhund competitions. Penny has also trained dogs for both private security firms and the police.

Today, Penny is the co-founder of RoseWood Pet Resorts, the co-founder of K9 Montessori, and the Training Director of the Synergy Working Dog Club.

Penny’s understanding of both health care from her nursing background, and canine training and behaviour have been instrumental in creating a pet resort that focuses not only on maintaining a healthy environment for pets while they vacation with us, but also ensures that your pet’s mental health and behavioural needs are met while they are here!

Sandy Nonnewitz, Certified Canine Trainer, Professional Groomer


Sandy Nonnewitz is a founding owner of RoseWood Pet Resorts.

Sandy began her career in the canine care industry almost 10 years ago as a professional groomer. After enjoying her career for several years, Sandy wanted to expand her knowledge and graduated as a Certified Canine Trainer. Sandy has been a professional dog trainer for 5 years now, and has loved every minute of it.

Today, Sandy is continuing to enhance her knowledge and skills by working towards becoming a Canine Behaviourist. She is the Resort Director for RoseWood Pet Resorts, overseeing the daily operations, and is an active Schutzhund handler, sitting on the Board of Directors for the Synergy Working Dog Club.

Sandy’s background in professional grooming and training ensures that RoseWood Pet Resorts is able to meet all of your dog’s needs, and all of your needs as well!

Roman Skybin, DVM, Professional Groomer


Yes, Roman is a Veterinarian, educated in the Ukraine, with a Masters degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Upon graduation, Roman was working as a veterinarian for the Ukrainian government. Slowly, over a number of years, Roman noticed that families within his community were starting to care for their dogs much more like pets, than they previously had. Roman recognized that there were no companies dedicated to providing professional services to pet owners. Being entrepreneurially minded, Roman saw a great opportunity, and with the help of his sister opened the first luxury dog-grooming salon in the Ukraine, which his sister still operates.

Upon coming to Canada, Roman work for the University Health Network Animal Resources, and York University, caring for multiple species. In these roles, Roman was responsible for creating environmental enrichment and behavioural management programs, management of quality assurance of animal veterinary care and recovery processes, and managed the day-to-day operations of an animal care facility with 20 departments.

Today, Roman oversees our health care operating practices and procedures and is our professional groomer. RoseWood Pet Resorts is fortunate to have such a talented professional working with us to help care for your pet!

Kirstin Marchand


Kirstin began her career in the canine care industry as an Animal Care Technician, caring for sick and injured pets in veterinary clinics since 1990.

As Kirstin gained experience and knowledge, she gravitated towards the challenging field of veterinary emergency medicine. Kirstin’s depth of experience and vast knowledge were key elements in her securing a coveted position as the Head Animal Care Attendant at the Veterinary Emergence Clinic and Referral Centre South (VEC) for over a decade. In this position, Kirstin was responsible for managing a team of 50 Animal Care Attendants, including overseeing their small animal handling and delivery of care during emergency situations!

Today, Kirstin is responsible for overseeing RoseWood Pet Resorts’s daily operations and implementation of our Standard Operating Procedures, with a keen focus on canine health and safety.

Hannah Wiseman, Certified Canine Trainer


Hannah’s love of animals lead her to an education in wildlife management and canine behaviour.

Hannah graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College in the Fish and Wildlife Technology program. This program focused on limnology, wildlife management, statistical analysis and reporting, and animal pathology and wildlife diseases.

Hannah then went on to complete her certification in the Animal Management, Canine Behaviour and Training program through Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand.

Upon her return to Canada, RoseWood Pet Resorts found Hannah, and scooped her up immediately! Today, Hannah is RoseWood Pet Resorts’s resident canine obedience trainer.