Kirstin Marchand


Kirstin worked in veterinary clinics as an animal care technician for 13 years. While Kirstin loved working in the veterinary setting, after working over a decade veterinary clinics, she began looking for a more challenging position, allowing her to grow and expand her knowledge.

Kirstin’s desire for continued growth in her field led her to the position of Head Animal Care Attendant at the VEC (Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Centre South) for over a decade. In this role, Kirstin was responsible for the supervision of approximately 50 Animal Care Attendants, and the management of animal care on the floor.

Today, Kirstin happily applies her vast animal care knowledge and experience at RoseWood Pet Resorts, creating a healthy, happy environment for your dog to enjoy it’s time with us!

Kirstin began her career in the canine care industry as an Animal Care Technician, caring for sick and injured pets in veterinary clinics since 1990.

As Kirstin gained experience and knowledge, she gravitated towards the challenging field of veterinary emergency medicine. Kirstin’s depth of experience and vast knowledge were key elements in her securing a coveted position as the Head Animal Care Attendant at the Veterinary Emergence Clinic and Referral Centre South (VEC) for over a decade. In this position, Kirstin was responsible for managing a team of 50 Animal Care Attendants, including overseeing their small animal handling and delivery of care during emergency situations!

Today, Kirstin is responsible for overseeing RoseWood Pet Resorts’s daily operations and implementation of our Standard Operating Procedures, with a keen focus on canine health and safety.

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