Sandy Nonnewitz, Certified Canine Trainer, Professional Groomer

Sandy Nonnewitz is a founding owner of RoseWood Pet Resorts.

Sandy began her career in the canine care industry almost 10 years ago as a professional groomer. After enjoying her career for several years, Sandy wanted to expand her knowledge and graduated as a Certified Canine Trainer. Sandy has been a professional dog trainer for 5 years now, and has loved every minute of it.

Today, Sandy is continuing to enhance her knowledge and skills by working towards becoming a Canine Behaviourist. She is the Resort Director for RoseWood Pet Resorts, overseeing the daily operations, and is an active Schutzhund handler, sitting on the Board of Directors for the Synergy Working Dog Club.

Sandy’s background in professional grooming and training ensures that RoseWood Pet Resorts is able to meet all of your dog’s needs, and all of your needs as well!

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