What Is the Difference Between Organic and Natural Pet Foods?

The organic and natural pet food movement has grown in recent years as more and more people want to ensure they are feeding their pets the highest quality foods. In addition, many pet food manufacturers have or are rebranding their products to incorporate organic and natural ingredients. As a result, there can be much confusion by pet parents as to what these terms means and how to select the best pet food for their beloved pets.

What Does “Organic” Really Mean?

Organic has to do with how the ingredients are cared for at their source, such as how they are grown, raised, and processed at farms. Organic farmers avoid using chemical and toxic fertilizers and pesticidesto grow food. Livestock farmers make sure they only feed their livestock animals organic (chemical and toxic free) grains and foods.

Organic also infers certain aspects of “natural”, like not containing any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors, colours, oils, and so on, as well as no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In most cases, the manufacturing and processing facilities where the pet food is made also have to be certified as organic with stricter quality controls.

What Does “Natural” Really Mean?

Natural has to do more with how the ingredients are handled after they arrive at manufacturing and processing facilities. Natural foods do not contain ingredients which can be bad for your pet.In other words, natural pet foods are processed without using any artificial ingredients and do not contain any growth hormones.

However, not all natural pet food manufacturing and processing facilities are regulated, so even though the ingredients are natural, it does not indicate what part of the livestock or vegetable was used to make the food.For instance, if one of the ingredients in natural pet food is chicken, you can rest assured it is chicken. Although, you have no way to tell whether the chicken meat came from the breast, leg, thigh, or some other part of the chicken.

What Pet Food Is Better?

If you are looking for the best all-natural pet food for your pet, look for products labeled as “organic,” or “organic and natural.” This will ensure you are getting the best of both organic and natural features in the pet food.

Is One Brand Better Than Another?

Selecting a brand is often related to those people are familiar with or have heard of before. When it comes to organic and natural pet foods, the best thing to do is read the ingredient labels. Just like human food, ingredients are listed in order of primary and secondary ingredients. So if beef is listed first, the main ingredient is beef. If you do not recognize an ingredient, take the time to look it up online to find out exactly what it is before feeding the food to your pet.

When changing pet foods, it is important to make the switch gradually, to avoid digestive and gastrointestinal problems. Start by slowing replacing a small amount of the current food with the new food and continue this process over a period of a few weeks until your pet is fully switched over to the new food.

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