About Us

When you go on vacation, shouldn’t your dog go on vacation too? When your dog boards with us, our social time during the day and relaxing atmosphere at night will ensure your dog feels like it is on vacation too. This is exactly why we call our boarding services Vacation Stays for your dog!

The RoseWood Pet Resort is situated in north Scarborough Ontario, on our private 2-acre forested property, with fully fenced play areas for the dogs to enjoy. We are nestled in the Rouge Valley just north of The Toronto Zoo and south of Markham.

While with us, the dogs are out socializing with Daycare group for most of the day or in a yard beside the group id they are not comfortable with other dogs. In the evening, they relax in their individual dog runs, allowing for plenty of room for them to enjoy cuddling in their bed, or playing with their toys. Classical music is played throughout the facility day and evening, providing a calm, relaxing feel when the dogs are inside.

Our repeat customers tell us that their dogs get excited as soon as they drive down our lane. The dogs love being here, as much we love having them!

We are unique in that all of our staff are experts in the canine care industry, having earned degrees, diplomas and professional credentials in areas that directly support our ability to care for your pet’s physical, mental and emotional needs while they are with us.

The owner of RoseWood Pet Resort lives onsite, as such we are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We Are Professionals In The Pet Care Industry,
And We Love It!